A class action is a court case brought by one or more individuals on behalf of themselves and "all others similarly situated". The purpose of a class action is to secure a judicial remedy which not only eliminates a wrong committed against an individual, and compensates him or her for the effects of that wrong, but which also provides such remedies for all others in a definable class who have suffered as a result of the same practice or practices. Those who do not wish to be represented in a class action are given the opportunity to opt-out and pursue their own litigation.

I am currently aware of five class actions that have been filed against Sony BMG Music Entertainment and First 4 Internet, the companies responsible for infecting thousands of users with the XCP Rootkit. Additionally, there appears to be a sixth class action in the works. It is my goal to follow each of the cases and post PDF copies of the documents filed with the Court as they become available.

The current class actions include:

If there are other class actions that I am not aware of, please feel free to contact me. Attorneys filing class actions in this matter are encouraged to contact me. I can accept your filings by fax and will be happy to include links to your website or other information on your case page.